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Andrea Lorenzo Henri Sergio Detry
답변: Suvansh Arora 2022년 11월 9일
I am a beginner with matlab,
I made a test campaign with more than 400 specimens of which I have images taken by scanning electron microscope in JPEG, each specimen was made by varying the parameters (P, Ta, Td...etc) as can be seen in the attached table
The photos are saved with names ranging from 1 to 400 that correspond to the "RUN" in the table or execution of the test
my purpose is to be able to tie the "run" of the table with the name of the photo so that I can easily select photos that have similar parameters, e.g., sorting the parameters P, Ta,Td etc in ascending order by deleting all values that come out of a desired range and automatically see the photos corresponding to those specimen by creating a new folder that contains these images or seeing them directly in MATLAB.
I hope I was able to explain my intent, i guess this is a common problem for beginning researchers, but I couldn't find anything on the forum and on internet, that's why I wrote here hoping someone can help me.
thank you very much

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Suvansh Arora
Suvansh Arora 2022년 11월 9일
In order to solve the above-mentioned issue, I would suggest you follow the below mentioned procedure:
  • Create an Algorithm of all the operations you want to perform.
  • Decide the order of execution of operations, keeping MATLAB set of rules in mind.
  • Code it out.
I have tried solving a similar problem for your reference:
% Creation of Table:
Age = [1;2;3;4;5];
Smoker = [1;0;1;0;1];
Height = [71;69;68;67;64];
Weight = [176;163;133;133;119];
BloodPressure = [124 93; 109 77; 125 83; 117 75; 122 80];
T = table(Age,Smoker,Height,Weight,BloodPressure);
% Sorting rows based on multiple column values; this will break ties based on Height:
T = sortrows(T, ["Weight" "Height"])
% Bounding columns height and weight to a range:
TF1 = find([T{:,3}] < 65)
TF2 = find([T{:, 4}] > 163)
TFall = [TF1 TF2]
% Removing:
T(TFall, :) = []
%Now we can display these images programmatically: [2 3 4]
for idx = string(T{:,1})
Please follow the documentation and ML answers pages for any further issues:
If you face any further issues with the MATLAB fundamentals, I would recommend you to take the MATLAB onramp course:
I hope the above information helps you.

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