How to call a video label that has been created in workspace?

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Batuhan Istanbullu
Batuhan Istanbullu 2022년 11월 6일
답변: Suvansh Arora 2022년 11월 9일
Hi I just used Video Labeler app to label my video while its moving to track an object to know its position by code but I did created a label but right now I don't know how to call it from workspace and find its position with the code ;

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Suvansh Arora
Suvansh Arora 2022년 11월 9일
In order to view the LabelData programatically, export the data to the workspace from Top Pane of "Video Labeler" and use the below mentioned code:
labelData = gTruth.LabelData;
Please refer to the documentation mentioned below, in case of any issues:

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