PID Tune: Plant cannot be linearized

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Arash 2022년 11월 6일
답변: Sam Chak 2022년 11월 6일
I am designing a grid connected PV system with battery and supercapacitor. In that model I am using three PID controllers inorder to control I battery and supercapacitor, but when I wan to tune these PID controlers it gives an error (PID Tune: Plant cannot be linearized).
Could you suggest any methods to tune these controllers?

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2022년 11월 6일
Most likely your PV system has components that contain discontinuities. Thus, the Plant cannot be linearized.
However, you can identify/estimate the system model from the input–output data and then use that model for PID tuning purposes. Perhaps, learing from this tutorial is more effective.
PID Controller Tuning for a Model with Discontinuities

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