How to use SOC Estimator (Coulomb Counting )

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MAHENDRAN A 2022년 10월 19일
댓글: Gokul Gopakumar 2024년 1월 16일
What ports should i add for SOC Estimator (Coulomb Counting ) block. Can i get any sample models using that block

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 10월 23일
The SOC Estimator (Coulomb Counting) block requires the initial state of charge (SOC) and current being drawn from the battery as inputs. It outputs an estimate of the SOC.
You can add this very easily to the shipping example BatterySOCEstimation.slx - see screenshot below.
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Haad Yousaf
Haad Yousaf 2023년 7월 25일
Hello Steve,
Can the Coulomb counting SOC estimator block be configured such that the output SOC from the block behaves as if 1 simulation second is 1 hour. My current profile is modeled such that 1 simulation second is 1 hour real world data, so the SOC has to behave according to that in 1 simulation second.
Is this possible, and if so how can it be done?
I would greatly appreciate your help
Gokul Gopakumar
Gokul Gopakumar 2024년 1월 16일
Hello Steve,
I had a similar question regarding the Coulomb Counting method using the SOC Estimator Block. I have a table in Matlab workspace with Current in Amperes and Time in hours. The test ran for almost 76 hours with data acquisition every 100ms. In between there is a Rest phase for 2 hrs where the current is 0 A. So overall i have a table with 1851958 rows of data. I am giving this as input in the current block. The Initial SOC is taken from a SOC OCV Lookup Table depending on the voltage. When i run the programme, the block is only executing for 10Sec. (becuase of discrete Integrator?) How should i adapt the block as to run the programme for the entire length of the Table ?

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