what the difference between the phase and arctan?

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Aisha Mohamed
Aisha Mohamed . 2022년 10월 1일
댓글: Aisha Mohamed . 2022년 10월 1일
Hi all
When z=x+iy.
I know (if I am correct ) that tan^-1(y/x) = arctan(y/x) =atan(y/x) = atan2(y,x) we use these expression to find the angle (theta) that calculateing from the positive real axis to the vector between the origen and the point z.
I am really confuse with the phase(z) , I read that
the phase(z)= arctan(y/x) whih the diference that ,
arctan takes values in ]−π/2,π/2[ while the phase is generally defined over ]−π,π].
Is this correct please?
I appriciate any help

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Torsten 2022년 10월 1일
phase(z) = atan2(imag(z),real(z))
Read the documentation for atan2 to find the differences to the usual atan function:

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