How to use a different hardware from the hardware used in the example?

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For the example, 'Hall Offset Calibration for PMSM Motor', the hardware used in the examples are "F28069M Control Card" + DRV8312 Inverter & "LaunchXL F28379D + DRV8305 Inverter".
I want to run the example using my hardware of "LaunchXL F28069M + DRV8301 Inverter".
I had tried to use the blocks for the 'LaunchXL F28069M launchpad", with reference to the example, "Hall Sequence Calibration of 3-phase motor", which utilize the "LaunchXL F28069M launchpad". I had also change the 'Configuration Parameters' to match that of the working example.
However, the motor still does not run.
What changes do I need to make in order for the example to run successfully?


Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel 2022년 9월 28일
Hello Alex,
it can be fairly challenging to just switch an example and have it work closed loop. There are a number or potential errors that could be made. The best step is to build up small pieces step by step and make sure the system does what you want and expect. This will require some sort of equipment like a scope to ensure the system behaves as you expect. In this case, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you can apply open loop PWM signals from your LaunchXL F28069 on the pins you expect to. After you confirm the PWM is what you want, make sure that you are connecting to the DRV8305 inverter correctly. This could be done open loop to an open circuit or open loop into a high resistive load. Make sure you keep all voltage/current levels safe and don't short any devices. If that is all working, then you should be in a good place to connect your motor. First, you want to try and run the motor open loop and make sure that it spins, then read the sensor values to make sure your hall sensor is working the way that you expect. At any point one of these steps might go wrong and you'll need to calibrate or set up the interface differently until it works. Once all that is working, then you can try and run the motor closed loop.
If you lack a scope, you may want to start with open loop control of the motor.
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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel 2022년 9월 29일
Hello Alex,
this is my opinion, but I would say the fastest way to design and debug a system is to take it piece by piece in small steps. Trying to jump straight to a working system without the small steps will actually take longer. You need to isolate what is wrong. If you can't tell what is wrong with your current setup, you need to simpllify the setup until you discover what is wrong or things start working. Then you start adding complexity back into the system until it breaks again, and you will know what you added which broke the system. Since we don't know why your system isn't working, this is the only path forward.

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