RAM based circular shift register in Simulink

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Tanay Kumar
Tanay Kumar 2022년 9월 25일
편집: Kiran Kintali 2022년 10월 7일
I am trying to implement a circular shift register in a Simulink project that will be converted to HDL code later. I can not use the conventional shift register block in the library because it does not have HDL support. So I wanted to know how can I implement RAM based circular shift register. Or if there is any other way of implementing so that it can be converted to HDL code?


Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2022년 9월 25일
편집: Kiran Kintali 2022년 10월 7일
If you are looking to model delay length via input port using RMA you could use the following style of modeling pattern.


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