How do you change the asterisks in the first string to the characters in the same positions in the second string?

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I have two strings for example
string1 = 'v**de***t'
string2 = 'eolehmors'
The outcome should be
out = 'voldemort'
Please do not hard code.
*Note: the input strings will always be the same length

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Karim 2022년 9월 23일
편집: Karim 2022년 9월 23일
See below for one method.
string1 = 'v**de***t';
string2 = 'eolehmors';
% find location of the asterisks
idx = string1 == '*';
% copy string1
out = string1;
% replace asterisks with data from string2
out(idx) = string2(idx)
out = 'voldemort'

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