How do I change drop - down value of a block in Simulink model for my simulation input object?

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How do I change drop - down value of a block in a simulink model for my simulation input object? I can't use set_param as it is not supported for deployment.
I want to be able to produce a stand-alone from it.
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Muhammad 2022년 10월 28일
It can be any block containing drop - down options. I want to switch between those options for simulation input object. See I am trying to package simulink model inside app designer app (deployable) and want to give user options to change drop - down values in my model through app.
For my case, I would like to change options of SI or Diesel engine in engine block. Another instance lies in changing drive cycles in relevant drop - down present in drive cycles source block. And probably many more!
If it helps to be more specific, for discussion, we can take a simple example of mass spring damper model shipped with simulink compiler. Command is:
Now lets say we want to add option in app for user to change drop - down value ( for element - wise or matrix multiplication) in the gain block (named 'Mass') of model. How should we do it?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2022년 10월 28일
For changes like this, if you do it manually, meaning changing from 'Element-wise(K.*u)' to 'Matrix(K*u)', the Simulink model is changed. In other words, if you want to do it programingly, you have to use set_param('Block','Multiplication','Matrix(K*u)'). This is not something that can be done by setting up simulation input object.
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Muhammad 2022년 10월 29일
편집: Muhammad 2022년 10월 29일
Dear MathWorks, This is a very strong limitation (at least, in my experience) in simulink compiler and work should be done to remove it. Regards!
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2022년 10월 30일
A workaround could be developed using the variant subsystems. Use a workspace variable to control the variants, one uses the 'Element-wise(K.*u)' Gain block, the other uses the 'Matrix(K*u)' Gain block.

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