Use Signal labeler for python?

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Farid . 2022년 9월 19일
댓글: Gabriele Bunkheila . 2022년 9월 21일
Hi all,
I have worked with Matlab's signal labeler app before, I was wondering if it's possible to use it for AI purposes in python?
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Farid 2022년 9월 20일
it absolutely did help! Thanks a lot.
Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2022년 9월 21일
Nice to hear, you are most welcome. (I've just realized I had answered using the Comments field so I've copied the text across the to Answers section)

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2022년 9월 21일
Hi Farid, I work at MathWorks and my quick answer would be yes, absolutely. Though it'd be great to hear more about what you have in mind, specifically.
Two examples come to mind:
  1. Use Signal Labeler to label a signal dataset, then use Python to train a AI model using TensorFlow or PyTorch
  2. Use an AI model available in Python to automate labeling of signals in Signal Labeler
Workflow (1) seems straightforward, at least in principle. To review a possible mapping between labeledSignalSet (the label format produced by Signal Labeler) and some simpler and platform- and language-agnostic label format you can review the example Import Audacity Labels to Signal Labeler.
For (2), please find below a few related bits and pieces:
I hope this helps.

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