How to make a global matrix

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Robert Fields
Robert Fields 2022년 9월 17일
댓글: William Rose 2022년 9월 18일
I am trying to make a global matrix out of these 4 matrices and then slim it down to the correct matrix for a stiffness problem.
close all
clear all
E = 5.*10.^6;
v = .29;
A1 = 0.5;
A2 = 0.375;
A3 = 0.25;
A4 = 0.124;
%element 1
el1 = A1*E/30
a = [el1 0 -el1 0
0 0 0 0
-el1 0 el1 0
0 0 0 0]
%element 2
el2 = A2*E/31.6228
l1 = 0.948711;
m1 = 0.316146;
b = el2.*[l1^2 l1*m1 -l1^2 -l1*m1
l1*m1 m1^2 -l1*m1 -m1^2
-l1^2 -l1*m1 l1^2 l1*m1
-l1*m1 -m1^2 l1*m1 m1^2]
%element 3
el3 = A3*E/36.055
l2 = 0.832051;
m2 = 0.554699;
c = el3.*[l2^2 l2*m2 -l2^2 -l2*m2
l2*m2 m2^2 -l2*m2 -m2^2
-l2^2 -l2*m2 l2^2 l2*m2
-l2*m2 -m2^2 l2*m2 m2^2]
%element 4
el4 = A4.*E./42.4264
l3 = 0.707107;
m3 = 0.707107;
d = el4*[l3^2 l3*m3 -l3^2 -l3*m3
l3*m3 m3^2 -l3*m3 -m3^2
-l3^2 -l3*m3 l3^2 l3*m3
-l3*m3 -m3^2 l3*m3 m3^2]
%global system
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William Rose
William Rose 2022년 9월 18일
@Robert Fields, you can create a 4x4 or 6x6 array and populate it with the elements you want from the 4x4x4 array.
e1=zeros(4,4); e2=zeros(6,6);
and so on. If all you really want is a 4x4 or 6x6 array made of selected elements of a, b, c, d, then I don't see the advantage of combing a,b,c,d into one 3D array. But I'm sure there's a reason...

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William Rose
William Rose 2022년 9월 18일
%global system
Try that.


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