Matlab doesnt have save to pdf function

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son le
son le . 2015년 2월 26일
댓글: son le . 2015년 3월 24일
I purchased MatlabR2013B and started using it a couples of days ago. As my school requires, i have to save the editor and command windows into pdf files. However, I can't find the print/save to pdf function anywhere. I clicked the print option, but it has only printers there, nothing about pdf. What can i do now ? Also, the editor and main window dont merge together as what i see at my school's lab. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist 2015년 3월 24일
If you're running on a Windows machine you can install a PDF "printer" such as CutePDF or doPDF. You can find these, and other options, by searching for "pdf printer" on your favorite search engine. Once installed it will appear in the list of printers on the print dialog box along with whatever other printers you have available.
As for your second question "editor and main window don't merge together..." I'm guessing that the editor window is "undocked" (it appears as it's own separate window). You can redock it by clicking on the down arrow button in the upper right corner and selecting the "Dock Editor" option.
Hope that helps
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son le
son le 2015년 3월 24일
Thanks, i installed bullzip and it has that function.

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