polyspace report generation with specific review scope

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Michele Paci
Michele Paci 2022년 9월 5일
편집: Angelo Yeo 2023년 3월 7일
is it possible to generate polyspace reports from command-line with specific review scope and template under Linux environment?
I can do it from GUI, setting the proper Review Scope in Results View and Running Report with Only include currently displayed results checked.

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Anirban 2022년 9월 9일
Yes, this is possible. You have to use the polyspace-report-generator command with the option -wysiwyg and a review scope name to apply the review scope at the command line. See Apply review Scopes and Generate Filtered Report.

Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo 2023년 3월 7일
편집: Angelo Yeo 2023년 3월 7일
Note that the option is explained in "Tips" section in "polyspace-report-generator" from R2022a documentation. You can see the doc polyspace-report-generator: Tips.


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