How to calculate sway area rate for center of pressure

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Hello, i want to calculate sway area (mm2 /s) which is defined as the area enclosed by the center-of-pressure trajectory per unit time. Some useful paper (find below). Please find attached the CoPx and CoPy data.
Hufschmidt A, Dichgans J, Mauritz H, Hufschmidt M (1980) Some methods and parameters of body sway quantifcation and their neurological applications. Arch Psyc Nervenkr 228:135–150
Prieto TE, Myklebust JB, Hofman RG, Lovett EG, Myklebust BM (1996) Measures of postural steadiness: differences between healthy young and elderly adults. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 43:956–966

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William Rose
William Rose 2022년 9월 8일
Since you already have the data in Excel. there is no need for Matlab. Do the calculation in Excel, using equation 19 of Prieto et al., 1996.
When I opened the file you attached, I received a warning message: "External links have beeen disabled", and the data do not look like COP data. There are no headers and the first row is at time=0.006. Therefore I have not analyzed the data in the spreadsheet you uploaded.
I am attaching an Excel file that demonstrates the calculation of Sway Area using equation 19 of Prieto et al., 1996.
Good luck.
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chris pamp
chris pamp 2022년 9월 9일
Thank you very much!

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William Rose
William Rose 2022년 9월 9일
@chris pamp, You are welcome. Best wishes for your research.


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