How to use scatteredInterpolant in case of dimensions more than 3

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Hello everyone I am trying to do a multivariate interpolation and i get the following error :
Error using interpn
NTIMES must be a single numeric value.
Error in FVP (line 277)
phi{i,k} = interpn(X',Val_phi{i,k}');
The same code works fine for 2D , however in case of 2D i used
phi{i,k} = scatteredInterpolant(X',Val_phi{i,k}');
and here is the piece of code that genrates the error:
%% Interpolate
for i = 1:size(Val_phi,1)
textwaitbar(i, size(Val_phi,1), "Interpolating")
for k = 1:size(Val_phi,2)
disp('size of X')
disp('Size of val_phi')
phi{i,k} = interpn(X',Val_phi{i,k}');
phi{i,k} = @(x)(phi{i,k}(x')');
VAL_PHI_CONCAT = [VAL_PHI_CONCAT ; Val_phi{i,k} ];
Some information about the dimension of the variables :
X : 6 12010
Val_phi{i,k} : 1 12010
It works fine for the first iteration of i.e. for i=1 and k = 1 and then throws error for k=2 ,i=1
Any suggestion on what possibly I am doing wrong?
Thank you .
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Ajai Singh
Ajai Singh 2022년 8월 23일
So i tried doing the same thing on a small problem of where the data has two independent columns and I used scatterInterpolant , and everything worked fine. Now I am trying to generlize it to 6 independent columns and later to 18.
This is what I have been doing so far:
So My actual problem has 6 dimensions of independent data, I assumed the first five columns are independent variables and the fifth column is the dependent variable that I seek an interpolation value for.
To use interpn, I need to supply the function with a multidimensional array – with the number of rows matching the number of rows of independent variables ?

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong 2022년 8월 23일
편집: Bruno Luong 2022년 8월 24일
Here is a linear scattered interpolation in any-dimension.
It's bare calculation for a single query point, up to you to adapt for multiple point.
I think it become fragile in larger dimension, and to enhance the bobustess you might need to scale independent variables so they are unity.
% "Independent" variables
% "Dependent variable"
% Preparation, update only when X changes
S = delaunayn(X);
% Query point, take centroid as example
% Interpolation
t = tsearchn(X,S,xq);
if isnan(t) % Fix bug
yq = NaN;
st = S(t,:);
M = X(st,:)-xq;
w = [zeros(1,n),1] / [M,ones(n+1,1)]; % NOTE: the last eqt might needs to be rescale to be "compatible" with M
yq = w*y(st);
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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong 2022년 8월 24일
griddata interpolation is alway better if your data have the right shape requirement.

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