Computer freeze results in invalid zip error for simbiology model

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I was working in Simbiology with a model (that I've been building for a few weeks) when my computer froze.
Upon restart, I received an "Invalid zip file" error each time I attempt to reopen the model.
When it froze, it also generated two new (I think?) files, a .sbproj.bak and a .sbproj.backup, but my computer will not allow either of these file can be associated with matlab specifically, and I therefore cannot open them.
Unsure if there's a way to absolve this error or if I need to start again from scratch.

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe 2022년 8월 17일
Change the extension of the backup files to .sbproj, and then you should be able to (try to) open them in SimBiology. If you want, also feel free to contact me directly via my profile. If you can share the files, I will see if there's anything we can recover.
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Jillyn Tittle
Jillyn Tittle 2022년 8월 17일
I don't know why changing the extension didn't occur to me, but that absolutely worked, and I was able to recover my model.
Thank you so much!

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