What is LBL file format and is it possible to open it in MATLAB?

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What is LBL file format and is it possible to open it in MATLAB?
I have a LBL file (attached here), it contains the heading or labels of my data attached in .csv file.
My computer directly took it as a text file and opened it in notepad. So, i know it contains heading of my data file. There are about 291 variables in .csv file and hence there are 291 headings in .LBL file. As this file opens in verticle mode with various fields a text in notepad/word etc. it is difficult to correlate which heading belongs to which variable data. You can please open it in your notepad and check what I mean. Is it possible to find which heading corresponds to which data?
The data can be loaded by using command.
cas_data = readtable('ccwweee.csv');
Any help is greatly appriciated.
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MP 2022년 8월 11일
Thank you sir! I got it.
Thank you very much for helping.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 8월 11일
[Copying from comment]
The LBL (label) file contains fields that give explicit field number (column number) and field name (same as in the csv file)
It would be possible to merge the Units and Description fields for each variable into the table. However, the only command that is designed to display that information is summary which is pretty verbose.
There is just a lot of information in the file; it is not clear what would be an understandable way to present it.

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