Only the initial graph shows up

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PT 2022년 8월 5일
댓글: PT 2022년 8월 6일
I'm trying to subplot 2 graphs in the same figure but I'm only getting the first graph. Need help trying to display both graphs
subplot(2, 1, 1)
plot(frames, Knee_A(:, 1), 'ro-', 'linewidth', 2); hold on;
plot(frames, Knee_A(:, 2), 'go-', 'linewidth', 2);
plot(frames, Knee_A(:, 3), 'bo-', 'linewidth', 2);
xlabel('Fluoroscopic Frame (30 FPS)');
ylabel('Angle (deg)');
legend('Flex/EXT', 'ADD/ABD', 'IR/ER', -1);
title([handles.SubjectName, ' ', handles.SubjectSide, ' ', handles.TrialName, ' Knee Angles']);
subplot(2, 1, 2)
plot(frames, Knee_V_tibia(:, 1), 'ro-', 'linewidth', 2); hold on;
plot(frames, Knee_V_tibia(:, 2), 'go-', 'linewidth', 2);
plot(frames, Knee_V_tibia(:, 3), 'bo-', 'linewidth', 2);
xlabel('Fluoroscopic Frames (30 FPS)');
ylabel('Translation (mm)');
% plot(frames, sum(StemV_cup.^2, 2).^.5, 'ko-', 'linewidth', 2);
title('Knee Translations')
legend('A/P', 'P/D', 'L/M', -1);
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2022년 8월 5일
편집: Adam Danz 2022년 8월 5일
Does anything show up where the second subplot should be? An empty axes?
Screenshot of the figure might be helpful, or attaching the data. Knee_V_tibia might be all NaNs or empty.

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Jon 2022년 8월 5일
편집: Jon 2022년 8월 5일
The problem is that you have an error in your line
Error using legend
Invalid argument. Type 'help legend' for more information.
Error in missingplot (line 11)
legend('Flex/EXT', 'ADD/ABD', 'IR/ER', -1);
Specifically the -1 at the end is not correct. So the script crashes before it ever makes the second subplot.
Note the line number this occurs in for your code is probably not 11, I added a few lines ahead of your script to make up some data. Anyhow, it is the line that has the legend command. Same thing for legend in second subplot
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PT 2022년 8월 6일
@Jon Thank you! Got it to work now!

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