save a mat-file in a specific folder

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Elysi Cochin
Elysi Cochin 2022년 8월 5일
답변: Ayse Nur 2022년 8월 5일
I have 2 matrices mat1 and mat2
I wanted to save these two variables in a specific folder in the name my_matrices
When using the below code the mat-file is getting saved in the current working folder itself.
save my_matrices mat1 mat2
I wanted to save the mat-file in the current folder Folder1/Subfolder1
Please can someone show me how to save it the specified folder by giving the pathname

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Ayse Nur
Ayse Nur 2022년 8월 5일
you can save mat-files with this command
save Folder/subfolder/my_matrices.mat mat1 mat2
I hope it helps you :)

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