Why is the Double Acting Actuator not working?

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Simscape is not able to solve variables for all components involved:
"Cannot solve for one or more variables, including dynamic variable derivatives"
Error can be reproduced just by hitting run in the model.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel 2022년 8월 8일
Hello Raphael,
there needs to a bit more information in this model for the simulation to know what to do. When you model fluid systems, most paramters need to be fairly realistic in order for the system to converge. For this model, I added themperature sources to the thermal ports (not that necessary), and added a mechanical model to the translational port of the actuator. I added a mass and a damper. The more realistic this mechanical load the model, the easier it will be for the model to simulate. These changes will allow the model to simulate. However, the actuator also has a hard stop, which will cause your model to slow down drastically once you your actuator hits the maximum length that it can travel. This will happen some time after 2 seconds one the ps step activates. You will have to tune the paramters of the hard stop to work with your specific mechanical load.
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Raphael Gabor
Raphael Gabor 2022년 8월 9일
Thanks Joel, you really helped me a lot!

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