simulink model of wind turbine lqg regulation does not work properly

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I have simulated the following block diagram with consists of a wind turbine state space with kalman filter, full state feedback and full state observer suggested by an article which I uploaded.
I don't know why I don't get the same output as the article! This is my simulink simulation:
This is my output:
This is the output in the article:
Also I'm not sure about where should I put the wind speed? I would really appreciate if you could help. I have attached my simulink file and the article.


Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2022년 8월 1일
I suspect that the instability is caused by the signs in these two summation blocks:
If you look into the closed-loop system, the feedbacks are of minus signs.
I guess you tried to follow the LQG block diagram in Fig. 1, but sometimes, some publications contained errors and the production crew were unable to fix the technical-related matters. Moreover, the paper has only one author.
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Helia Bisadi
Helia Bisadi 2022년 8월 4일
I have tried changing the sign of the feed back and kalman gains but I don't get any rational answer in this case too.
the output y:
and the states:

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