How to model a rotating heat source in Simulink?

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Mukti Chaturvedi
Mukti Chaturvedi 2022년 7월 29일
답변: Sam Chak 2022년 8월 3일
I need help in modeling a rotating heat source in Simulink? This applies to study of a process in which an arc drawn and is impelled to rotate around a surface to cause its heating. Thanks for any help extended to initiate this study with a simulink model
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Mukti Chaturvedi
Mukti Chaturvedi 2022년 8월 2일
The heat source has to be modeled as giving the input heat energy = voltage*current/velocity of the moving arc
Further, heat transfer happens through the 3 mechanisms of conduction, radiation, convection. but for initial model, only the heat input by the source moving at certain velocity is to be considered.
THnaks for any help/directions that you can give regarding modelling of this moving arc source.
yes, I have taken the Simulink onramp training.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2022년 8월 3일
To model a process (rotating heat source) in Simulink, you need a mathematical equation and some parameters to describe that.
If the voltage, currect, and the angular velocity at constants, then you can compute the constant heat energy manually and use a Step block / Constant block as the input.

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