Fast compilation Simulink Model : Recommeded Configuration of PC

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I am using a Latop portable workstation (64GB RAM), Intel i7@2.5GHz for a simulink complex model with HDL coder.
I increased the java heap size to 32GB in the matlab preference/General/Java Heap Memory size option.
I increased the RAM memory from 32GB to 64GB by assuming that it will decrease the Simulink compilation, and simulation time.
But, it did not help much, the compilation time for my model is 10 to 15 mins each time, then, I am simulate in rapid acceleration mode that go then HDL generation takes another 30mins (variable), then Vivado .bit generation take another 75mins.
It is a bit faster after RAM upgrade, but I feel that it can still be improved to reduce the bottle nack.
Hence, I have an open question, is there recommedations on PC configuration that may improve the simulink compilation time, simulation time, and the HDL generation time.
I am attaching the memory command herewith.
Many thanks in advance for the help.
Best regards,


Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2022년 7월 27일
It would be best to reach out to MathWorks support on this question.
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Vaibhav BHATNAGAR 2022년 8월 4일
Thanks for your answer Kiran.
I will try to contact support.

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