Constrained regression with constrains on the slopes

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Prerna Mishra
Prerna Mishra . 2022년 7월 26일
댓글: Alex Sha . 2022년 7월 27일
I was the following regeression specification
ln Q = ln A + alpha * ln K + beta * ln L
I want to fins alpha and beta such that alpha + beta < 1 and alpha > 0 and beta > 0.
I am trying to use lsqlin but I don't understand how to write the specification.
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Alex Sha
Alex Sha 2022년 7월 27일
Hi, Prerna Mishra, where are the data of Q?

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Matt J
Matt J 2022년 7월 26일
편집: Matt J 님. 2022년 7월 26일
alpha=min( max(AA\bb,0) ,1 );
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Matt J
Matt J 2022년 7월 27일
편집: Matt J 님. 2022년 7월 27일
Darn it. Well then, why not with lsqlin as originally proposed,
C=[log(K(:)) log(L(:));
x0=lsqlin(C,d,[1,1],1,[],[],[0 0],[1,1]);
If desired, you can use x0 to initialize a a nonlinear least squares fit to the original non-logged model,
fun = @(x,KL) A(:).'*KL.^x;
lb = [0, 0];
ub = [1, 1];
x=lsqcurvefit(fun,x0(:)',[K(:),L(:)], Q(:), lb,ub);

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