How to reduce the simulation running time when fuzzy block gets included?

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Im doing three phase grid control of PV systems. while using conventional PI block, it takes less time to run the simulation. But when i use fuzzy block with the same simulation file, the running time of simulation is too high. Please anyone help me to resolve this issue.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2022년 7월 28일
I guess that your designed Fuzzy System is a Mamdani-type FIS, and it has too many Rules for the program to evaluate them all at once. On the other hand the PI (Proportional–Integral) is just a 2-term mathematical law that governs how the action should be applied to the grid connected PV system.
Though I don't know how you govern the Rules using your PV expertise knowledge, I will fuzzily translate a working PI mathematical law into a few logical rules using the Sugeno-type FIS, and then reshape the input membership functions in the way that will improve the performance of the grid connected PV system.

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