finding the maximum within a specific range

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Salma fathi
Salma fathi 2022년 7월 25일
댓글: Salma fathi 2022년 7월 25일
for the attached table we would like to find the index of the max point of the variable NE8 within the range of (200,400) applied on the variable GDALT. This might be a simpel task and I am complicating it but if anyone can help.

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Githin George
Githin George 2022년 7월 25일
편집: Githin George 2022년 7월 25일
Hi Salma,
My understanding is that for rows having GDALT in range 200-400 you would like to find the row where NE8 is maximum.
Please see if this code helps
txt = readtable("table.txt");
% I'm adding an Index Column, in case you specifically want the index
txt.INDEX = (1:height(txt))';
subTable = txt(txt.GDALT >=200 & txt.GDALT <=400, :);
% getting idx in the subtable using max function
[~,idx] = max(subTable.NE8,[],'omitnan');
% this row contains the required result. You can use the index from this
% row.
result = subTable(idx,:)
Hope this helps.
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Salma fathi
Salma fathi 2022년 7월 25일
Thank you so much this helped me alot and solved my problem. Appreciate the help.

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KSSV 2022년 7월 25일
T =readtable('') ;
NE8 = T.NE8 ;
idx = NE8>200 & NE8<400 ;
val = max(NE8(idx))
val = 0×1 empty double column vector
It looks like there is no data in the given range.





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