Box counting method in a tif image

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Arlete Conde
Arlete Conde . 2022년 7월 21일
댓글: Arlete Conde . 2022년 7월 22일
Hi. I have a satellite image band 2 in tiff format, I want to use this image to make the box counting method. I used this code, but my image is black. How I can resolve this?
c = imread('B2.tif'); imagesc(~c) colormap gray axis square

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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland 2022년 7월 21일
Hi Arlete,
If you could share the image that would be great.
Having a look at your code the ~ will turn 'c' into a logical array. Try this instead;
c = imread('B2.tif');
imagesc(c) % note the removed ~
Let me know if that helps,
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Arlete Conde
Arlete Conde 2022년 7월 22일
I tried to send the image but because the tiff format, this not support. I compressed the image and tried to send, said that the file exceeds 5MB, that's why I asked for your email.
I asked a new question about the code boxcount. Can will you see the question?

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