Loading .log data with different number of columns

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Sophie96 2022년 7월 21일
답변: Jon 2022년 7월 22일
Dear all,
I would like to read the following log-file (see: attachment). I used the readtable()-function, but not all data is loaded properly. For instance, not all columns are getting loaded and some text-data is recognised as a Nan.
Do you have any suggestions on how to read the entire file?
Thanks already in advance!
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Stephen23 2022년 7월 22일
Perhaps READCELL() ?

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Jon 2022년 7월 22일
Yes, I would also recommend readcell, so for example
logdata = readcell('Example.log','NumHeaderLines',2)
You could then make another cell array with just the entries corresponding to a specific value occuring in the third column (for some reason the second column of spaces gets read in as missing, but it doesn't really matter) this has values such as 'MAIN', 'TRACK', etc. so for example you could make a cell array of just the entries for 'MAIN' using
mainLog = logdata(strcmp('MAIN',logdata(:,3)),:)
and then turn this into a table using
T = cell2table(mainLog)
and further into a timetable using
TT = table2timetable(T)
From which hopefully you can further extract the information of interest

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