Usage of HDL and HLS blocks in same SystemGenerator for DSP design

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Aravind Venkitasubramony
Aravind Venkitasubramony 2022년 7월 20일
답변: Kiran Kintali 2022년 7월 20일
I was wondering if it possible to use HDL blocks and HLS blocks in the same design especially how to Gateway out the outputs of the HLS blocks? For eg : If I am computing the absolute value of a complex number using the HLS block and looking to gateway out the result, I get an error saying that I cannot connect the HLS output to the Gateway Out block. How to overcome this?

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2022년 7월 20일
can you share your model?
Are you looking for a solution similar to this?


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