Smooth saturation function simulink

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Andrea Di Paolo
Andrea Di Paolo 2022년 7월 17일
편집: Andy Bartlett 2022년 7월 18일
Hi everyone!
I was looking for a block in simulink (or a group of blocks or something else) to represent a smooth saturation function.
Thank you in advance.
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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett 2022년 7월 18일
편집: Andy Bartlett 2022년 7월 18일
Hi Andrea,
I suggest that you start by defining what specifically you mean by smooth saturation.
Some thoughts that may help.
It is very common in machine learning to use tanh or sigmoid as non-linearities.
Study tanh and sigmoid and think about whether they could be modified to meet your requirements.

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SlipperyGnome 2022년 7월 17일
You can go through this link for better understanding.
Hope this helps!
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Andrea Di Paolo
Andrea Di Paolo 2022년 7월 17일
Hi @SlipperyGnome, thank you for answeing, but with the saturation block (the one explained in the link) i didn't find how generate a "smooth" saturation function...

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