How can I increase the font size in the Simulink block "MATLAB Function"

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When I put a MATLAB Function block in my Simulink model (r2022a), the font used for the code editor is small and difficult to see. I've tried Ctrl + (as used in the MATLAB editor) and I've tried the scroll wheel (as used in the Simulink model editor) and they don't work. Is there some way of increasing the font size that I am missing?

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Kshittiz Bhardwaj
Kshittiz Bhardwaj 2022년 7월 14일
Hello Glenn, As per my understanding you want to increase the font size of code editor.
You can refer to these MATLAB answers to resolve your query:
You can refer to the documentation too:
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Glenn Kubota
Glenn Kubota 2022년 7월 14일
The first link you sent did not apply to the MATLAB Function block in Simulink, but the second link to the documentation helped. By going to Home | Preferences | MATLAB | Fonts | Desktop code font I was able to increase the size of the font, which affected both the size of the font in the MATLAB editor and also in the MATLAB Function block in Simulink.
I like the way that in the MATLAB editor I can just use Ctrl+Plus or Ctrl+Minus to change the font size. I wish that the MATLAB Function block in Simulink was consistent and used these same key combos to change the font size.
I suppose my other option is to get stronger reading glasses. :)
Thank you!

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