Place text on a subplot: Any way to autowrap?

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FM 2022년 7월 13일
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I used the "text" command to place text onto a subplot. I have to insert line breaks manually, which I would like to avoid.
The "annotate" command seemed like a solution ( However, the 4 position parameters are relative to the entire figure rather than the pair of axes in a subplot.
Is there something like "annotate", but for a pair of axes?
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FM 2022년 7월 15일
편집: FM 2022년 7월 15일
I think the problem might be the long labels. Here is a minimum working example.
close all
set(gcf,'Position',[100 100 289 274])
barh( rand(1,5) );
set(gca,YTickLabel=["One One" "Two Two" "Three Three" "Four Four" "Five Five"]);
annotation('textbox' , ...
get(gca,"InnerPosition") , ...
String='The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dogs.', ...
For this example, the annotation box starts to track the axes size properly when the figure width is about 500+ points/pixels.
AFTERNOTE: You may be right about the rendering of the annotation before the labels are rendered. I placed "pause(5)" before the annotation command, and the text box becomes properly sized.
I need to guess at the shortest pause needed and hard code this in. I don't suppose that there is a way to tell Matlab to wait for the completion of one statement before proceeding with the next? Or does the figure simply receive a signal to place labels and, while it is busying doing so, it immediately returns control back to the invoking script?

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