Using scenarios in test assessment blocks within an observer

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The example works fine and does what I expect it to do, but now I want to have a synced scenario between the test sequence and the test scenario block. But because the blocks exist in different models I can not use the parameter I would normally use for this. How can I have the test sequence and test assessment scenarios synced when using an observer?
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Pat Canny
Pat Canny 2022년 7월 14일
Just to clarify - are you using a Test Sequence block to manage test scenarios? I wasn't sure what you meant by "test scenario block".
Are you attempting to do something like the workflow described in this example, only within an Observer?

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Swetha Murali
Swetha Murali 2022년 7월 20일
I think using Simulink.Parameter that maps to the Scenario Parameter will allow you to use synchronize scenarios across models. Here is an example screenshot of a Test Sequence in the main model (Left image) using the parameter "ChangeScenario" and the Assessment block in the Observer (Right image) that also uses the same parameter for switching scenarios for assessment.
ChangeScenario was defined using the following command on the MATLAB Command line:
ChangeScenario = Simulink.Parameter(1);
ChangeScenario.Value = 1; % Scenario_1
ChangeScenario.Value = 2; % Scenario_2
Changing the value of the parameter will impact both models and help synchronize scenarios.

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