How to use Matlab to solve equation like Mathcad

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Jason Ciou
Jason Ciou 2022년 7월 8일
답변: Karim 2022년 7월 8일
Hi Guys,
How to use Matlab to solve equation like Mathcad.
I would like to solve below equation, but I don't know how to solve it in Matlab, could someone give me some suggestions, thanks.
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Jason Ciou
Jason Ciou 2022년 7월 8일
I try to read solve and use that, but Matlab can't solve the equation.

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Karim 2022년 7월 8일
Use the symboic toolbox to determine the equations, see below.
syms fp1 fp2 fz1 fz2 fc boost real
eqn = boost == ( atan(fc/fz1) + atan(fc/fz2) - atan(fc/fp1) - atan(fc/fp2) ) * 180/pi
eqn = 
fp2_eqn = solve(eqn, fp2)
Warning: Solutions are only valid under certain conditions. To include parameters and conditions in the solution, specify the 'ReturnConditions' value as 'true'.
fp2_eqn = 
% evaluate the solution by filling in some parameters
fz1 = 1239;
fp1 = 50000;
fc = 10000;
fz2 = fz1;
boost = 94.26;
fp2 = -fc/(tan(atan(fc/fp1) - atan(fc/fz1)- atan(fc/fz2) + pi*boost/180))
fp2 = 5.7029e+03
% print a string with 17 decimal numbers to compare with mathcad
fp2_s = sprintf('%4.17f',fp2)
fp2_s = '5702.93635357467974245'

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