CPLEX/MATLAB compatibility

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FM 2022년 7월 7일
편집: FM 2022년 7월 8일
In past years, I have succeeded in calling CPLEX 12.9 from MATLAB 2019a (or maybe 2015a/b, it's been so long). I recently upgraded to Matlab 2022a. It crashes immediately upon calling CPLEX. I tried to determine version compatibility from https://www.ibm.com/software/reports/compatibility/clarity/softwarePrereqsMatrix.html. It doesn't matter whether I choose CPLEX 12.9 or 20.1. The possible versions of MATLAB that I can check only go as high as 2019b.
Does this mean that compatibility between CPLEX and MATLAB versions later than 2019b are unknown?
I noted that the above site has a notice that it is deprecated. Is there a more updated site?
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FM 2022년 7월 8일
편집: FM 2022년 7월 8일
Very odd, but not out of line with my closing comment above. I just ran it again, but from a fresh instance of Matlab, and it didn't crash. I have some unreliable behaviour to look forward to. At least it works....

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