FMU file Import Simulink (incorrect output values)

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Malte Becker
Malte Becker 2022년 7월 7일
답변: Githin George 2023년 10월 4일
I want to import a model from another program into Simulink via an FMU. The program outputs the values in SI units. The FMU has been testing imported in the same program and outputs the correct values. In Simulink, however, other values are output, which does not match the original ones. Are there specific restrictions in Simulink which are relevant for FMUs?

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Githin George
Githin George 2023년 10월 4일
Hello Malte,
I understand that Simulink is providing a different output when using an FMU block. This could be an issue caused by the FMU mode. The following 2 modes are listed in MATLAB documentation.
  • Co-Simulation — Integrate FMUs that implement a Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) Co-Simulation interface. These FMUs may contain local solvers that are used for tool coupling.
  • Model Exchange — Integrate FMUs that implement an FMI Model Exchange interface. These FMUs do not contain local solvers. Instead, they inherit solvers from Simulink.
If the FMU is operating in “Model Exchange” mode, it is likely that the inherited solver from Simulink might be giving different output values.
You could provide additional information here in case this doesn’t help.


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