Fit a spline function to a set of data points

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Hi All,
I have a set of coordinate points
x= [0,4,6,10,15,20]
y = [18,17.5,13,12,8,10]
I want to fit a spline function.
Could someone please suggest the the curve fit function that can be used?
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Deepa Maheshvare
Deepa Maheshvare 2022년 7월 3일
I tried
x = [0,4,6,10,15,20]
v = [18,17.5,13,12,8,10]
vq = interp1(x,v, 'linear', 'pp')
xq = x
vq1 = interp1(x,v,xq);
title('(Default) Linear Interpolation');
vq =
struct with fields:
form: 'pp'
breaks: [0 4 6 10 15 20]
coefs: [5×2 double]
pieces: 5
order: 2
dim: 1
orient: 'first'
Here I am not sure why the order (which I infer as the polynomial degree) is 2 for linear interpolation. Could you please explain this a bit?

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2022년 7월 3일
Thought you want the 'spline'? Is there a reason to use the 'linear' method?
x = [0, 4, 6, 10, 15, 20];
y = [18, 17.5, 13, 12, 8, 10];
xq = 0:0.01:20;
yq1 = interp1(x, y, xq, 'linear');
plot(x, y, 'o', xq, yq1, '--');
ylim([5 22]), grid on, title('Linear Interpolation');
yq2 = interp1(x, y, xq, 'spline');
plot(x, y, 'o', xq, yq2, '--');
ylim([5 22]), grid on, title('Spline Interpolation');
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Deepa Maheshvare
Deepa Maheshvare 2022년 7월 4일
Thanks a lot for the clarification.

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2022년 7월 3일
Use function spline


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