Extracting along a dimension in a 4D array

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Prerna Mishra
Prerna Mishra 2022년 6월 30일
댓글: KSSV 2022년 6월 30일
I have a 4D array of dimsension na*nk*nkprime*nd, each dimension representing, number of shock, number of capital today, number of capital tomorrow and number of debt recently. na = 11, nk = 121, nkprime = 121 and nd = 51. I was to extract the values from nk and nkprime positions when na = 2 and nd = 1;
I am doing the following:
V = Rmat(2,:,:,1)
Is this correct?

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KSSV 2022년 6월 30일
YEs, it is correct. When you extract you will get 1x121x121 array. You may remove the extra dimension using squeeze.
na = 11; nk = 121 ; nkprime = 121 ; nd = 51 ;
A = rand(na,nk,nkprime,nd) ;
iwant = squeeze(A(2,:,:,1)) ;
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KSSV 2022년 6월 30일
A 2D array can be plotted using pcolor, surf

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