A green arrow in an m-file

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alpedhuez 2022년 6월 29일
댓글: Jan 2022년 6월 30일
I see this green arrow in an m-file.
What is this and how can I remove this arrow?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2022년 6월 29일
You are in debug mode.
The green arrows hows the line at which MATLAB is currently paused.
how did I get here?
There are several ways to enter debug mode.
  • manually place a break point ( gif example, doc page).
  • keyboard shortcuts aor functions such as dbstop
  • Perhaps you selected one of these condtional error handling options at the bottom of the image below and your code execution triggered a condition
how to I get out?
  1. hit shift + F5 to end debug mode
  2. press F5 to continue execution
  3. De-select any conditional error handling options in the image above or use dbquit all
These lists are not exhaustive so you may have arrived in this situation differently Check out the documentation for debug mode - it's a powerful tool to learn.
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Jan 2022년 6월 30일
When you set a breakpoint, Matlab is in debug mode, when it enters this line. Then the execution stops and you can check the values of the variables.

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