MATLAB output is a bunch of numbers with operators not the exact number

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Fatemeh Salar
Fatemeh Salar 2022년 6월 20일
댓글: Fatemeh Salar 2022년 6월 20일
When i ask MATLAB to solve a problem using syms and det , in output section it showes as series on formulas that needed to be calulated and not the exact value. How can I ask matlab to show the exavt number and not numers with operators ? for example instead of (25/6 - (5*13^(1/2))/6)^(1/2) shows 1.078 in commant window
A =
(25/6 - (5*13^(1/2))/6)^(1/2)
((5*13^(1/2))/6 + 25/6)^(1/2)
-(25/6 - (5*13^(1/2))/6)^(1/2)
-((5*13^(1/2))/6 + 25/6)^(1/2)
while it should be :

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Stephen23 2022년 6월 20일

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DGM 2022년 6월 20일
To be pedantic, those expressions are the exact result. The decimal values are an approximation.
That said, you should be able to use double() to convert the symbolic expressions to numeric.
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Fatemeh Salar
Fatemeh Salar 2022년 6월 20일
Yes you're right, it just worked when I used double().. Thanks.

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