Error: Row index exceeds table dimensions.

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Salma fathi
Salma fathi 2022년 6월 16일
답변: Peter Perkins 2022년 6월 16일
Hello, I am stuck at some point with this error . I am attaching a small sample of the file that contains the table SOLARL that is used in the code below, I am unable to attach all of it since it has a huge size.
The error accur when the loop index ii=5788 but before that it runs fine. And the length of the table 'dates' is 16590.
%data is stored in the table SOLARL
SOLARL.Date2 = datenum(SOLARL.Date);
%finding the unique dates that are in the table SOLARL
dates = unique(SOLARL.Date2);
for ii = 1:length(dates)
fprintf('.......... table - %d of %d\n',ii, length(dates));
%iteratively, the data of each unique day is stored in the table tDate to be processed
tDate = SOLARL(SOLARL.Date2 == dates(ii), :);
tDate.Date2 = [];
tDate.Date = [];
%this loop will go through the table tDate and find the peak point
%according to a certain craiteria.
for ied=1:length(EDP)
[~,imax] = max(EDP(:,7));
if (EDP(imax,6) < 190 || EDP(imax,6) >400)
elseif ( EDP(imax,6) > 190 && EDP(imax,6) < 190)
%To find the indices of the data rows of the points that are above and below the peak point
peak_y = tDate.GDALT(b) ;
idxl = y < peak_y ;
idxh = y > peak_y ;
numOfPointsL= length(y(idxl));
numOfPointsH= length(y(idxh));
%according to how many points there are, we extract only 20% of them
%the table pt will have the extracted rows that are above and below the
%peak point and the peak point stored in it.
pt=tDate(b-ExtractedNumPointsL: b+ExtractedNumPointsH,:); % here is the error
PeakTable=[PeakTable; pt];
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Salma fathi
Salma fathi 2022년 6월 16일
this is the only message I am getting
Error using PeakConstruction (line 172)
Row index exceeds table dimensions.

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins 2022년 6월 16일
SOLARL.Date2 = datenum(SOLARL.Date);
DON'T do that. Just use datetime. You can call unique, length, and == a on datetime vector.
Also, it appears that your outer loop can just be a grouped (by day) calculation using, probably, rowfun, or maybe groupsummary. Pretty hard to follow your code, so not sure exactly what that would look like.




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