How to save tables as .mat files without having to type the filename manually?

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Leo Hastrich
Leo Hastrich 2022년 6월 11일
댓글: Peter Perkins 2022년 6월 13일
I want to save a table as a .mat file, but the name I want to give it is stored as a character in my workspace.
I wrote a code which creates tables from .csv files, which then [the tables] are being saved as .mat files. I know the classic way of saving tables as .mat manually.
save table.mat T
But my code works as a loop and I would like to use it for other projects. Thats why I want the process to be automatic.
My code is:
files = dir('*.csv');
for i=1:length(files)
filenames = {};
Now I want the code to firstly separate the actual name from ".csv", and then to somehow use the actual name as name how the .mat file will be saved. So if for example my csv-file is 'LCN_10.csv', I want my .matfile to be saved as 'LCN_10.mat' without having to type the name manually.
I hope that you understood what I meant and would be very pleased if somebody could help me out.
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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins 2022년 6월 13일
What Jeffrey is describing is what's known as "command dual".
fun someText
passes "someText" to fun, the equivalent of fun("someText"). In your case, you cannot use the command dual form, because there's no command dual equivalent to fun(someVar)
fun someVar
is equivalent to fun("someVar")
But also, don't use xlsread. Use readtable or readmatrix.

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Stephen23 2022년 6월 11일
편집: Stephen23 2022년 6월 11일
The solution is to use function syntax, not command syntax:
as explained here:
and also explained in the SAVE documentation here:
Command syntax is convenient at when playing around in the command window, but is less useful in actual code.
S = dir('*.csv');
for k = 1:numel(S)
T = xlsread(S(k).name);
[~,F] = fileparts(S(k).name);
F = sprintf('%s.mat',F);
save(F,'T') % <----------- function syntax !!!

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