How to populate a tree with a struct with different depth?

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I want to import structured signal data from another software and let the user browse and select in a GUI. The imported data contains only the individual name of each signal like so:
As you see all levels are already separated by dots, but they're all strings and not actual struct.
So far I have successfully turned them into a proper struct, but now I don't know how to populate a tree object with it. The goal is to let the user expand and collapse nodes to find the signal they want in a GUI.
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Shao-Yu Wang
Shao-Yu Wang 2022년 6월 2일
I have thought of that too, but struggled to create anything concrete. I myself am not familiar with this function either and I couldn't find any examples online with inconstant number of levels.

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Stephen23 2022년 6월 2일

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