How can I get a variable name to include a string of text?

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Jodok Waibel
Jodok Waibel . 2022년 5월 24일
답변: Jan . 2022년 5월 27일
I need a series of variable names to have the same text included in the name. Is there a way to do this? For example, I want something like:
But rather than writing AB1 I want to call text and have that insert AB1 into the variable name. Basically a(text) is aAB1 and b(text) is bAB1.
I know this is bad practice and it makes matlab run slowly. However this would help me in my workplace a lot since i have about 1800 sets of data that need to be named in a certain pattern.
Thank you for your help, Jodok.
PS: I am working with release 2020b.
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Stephen23 2022년 5월 24일
편집: Stephen23 님. 2022년 5월 24일
"However this would help me..."
"... since i have about 1800 sets of data that need to be named in a certain pattern."
Why do they need to be named in a particular pattern? What will you do with them?
Instead of describing the actual problem, you are describing your attempted solution:
Tell us what you are actually trying to achieve, what tools/functions/data you are using. Do not assume a solution.

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Mustafa Abu-Mallouh
Mustafa Abu-Mallouh 2022년 5월 24일
Instead of defining the variable name with text (as you mentioned, bad practice), would you be able to use a structure instead?
MATLAB lets you generate field names from variable data, see this link for more details:

Jan 2022년 5월 27일
Read Stephen23's hints carefully, because they are valuable.
Storing important information in the names of variables is a programming anti-pattern. It produces more problems than it solves. Remember, that Matlab replaces variables by simple pointers to the data during the execution of the code, so keeping important details inthe names is a confusing indirection.
Store the information as data instead:
text = 'AB1';
names = sprintfc(['%c', text], 'abc')
names = 1×3 cell array
{'aAB1'} {'bAB1'} {'cAB1'}
data = [1,2,3]
data = 1×3
1 2 3
Now you can work with the names array to identify the index of a specific value of data.
But currently it looks, like the redundant text can be omitted - because it is redundant...


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