How do I hide or resize poseplot local axes?

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I'm trying to plot a view of my stl mesh file in poseplot. However, the actual object seems to be dwarfed by the set of axes that the poseplot function has added to the mesh file. Is there a way to resize the axes (or remove them altogether) so that the object is properly visible?

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Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo 2022년 5월 25일
Hi Floris-Jan Nieuwenhuis,
If the ScaleFactor Name-Value argument does not resolve the scaling issue, I recommend trying the plotTransforms command instead, as it provides more explicit controls for the length of the axes.
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Floris-Jan Nieuwenhuis
Floris-Jan Nieuwenhuis 2022년 5월 30일
I've tried a few configurations with the plotTransforms command, but utlimately not being able to scale the model has a huge disadvantage in my application. I'll stick to the poseplot command.

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