How to stop a sub function after certain time from main function ?

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I want to stop a sub function of my main function after a certain time and want to get the other sub function result at the same time ,How to do it ?
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Akash Pal
Akash Pal 2022년 5월 11일
Thank you .
Let me clarify my programming details,
See i have a main function
function [ x , y , z, a, b ,c]=mainfun(in1 ,in2,...)
so ,my question is if i want to stop/cancel my subfun2 after 30 minutes ,because i know it will take too much time but i want to visualize the result of other sub function , then what to do ?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 5월 11일
If you use parfeval() then you can cancel() the future.
However when you cancel a future you do not have access to its workspace. You cannot use this method to get "best results so far" from the worker.
If you create Parallel Data Queues then you can use them to send requests some kinds of workers. But this approach requires cooperation with the worker.


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