Different behaviour in indexing between table and digraph node table

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I have a table with one column of type cell holding logical vectors of the same size. I want to be able to combine these logical vectors from multiple lines into a single variable (logical matrix).
Example for an ordinary table - this works:
% Create table
tb = table;
tb.a = cell(2,1);
tb.a(:) = {true(5,1)};
% Index table
b = [tb.a{[1,2]}]
Example for a digraph table - this does not work:
% Create digraph with node table
D = digraph(1,2);
D.Nodes.a = cell(2,1);
D.Nodes.a(:) = {true(5,1)};
% Index digraph table
b = [D.Nodes.a{[1,2]}]
This is a workaround which I would like to avoid:
% Index digraph table
tmp = D.Nodes.a([1,2]);
b = [tmp{:}]
Why the behaviour of the ordinary table and the table in a digraph object is different?

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler 2022년 5월 10일
This is a bug in digraph, thank you for reporting it! I have passed it along and it will be fixed in a future release.

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