Problem with adjusting axis limits in surface plot

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Here's the code. I want to show only X values between 0 and 1. Y values between 0.001 and 1000, and adjust the Z automatically.
YS = @(X,Y) (0.38*X^2-0.31*X-0.02)*log(Y)+2.7287*sin(1.1732*X+1.1613);
%the coefficients are not constant numbers, this is just an example.
xlim ([0 1]);
ylim ([0.001 1000]);
When I first plot the surface, this is how it looks like:
After I double click on the plot, it adjusts the Z automatically to this:
How do you get the second/correct view without interacting with the plot?

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KSSV 2022년 5월 9일
Use zlim as well.
zlim([-3 3])
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Pelajar UM
Pelajar UM 2022년 5월 9일
Thanks a lot. This works perfectly.

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