Can we implement SR Flip flop in TI F28379D Launchpad using MATLAB Simulink to generate PWM signals?

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Hello all,
I want to generate PWM Signals for a converter using SR Flipflop and want to implement it in TI F28379D. The CLK pulses are given to S pin of SR latch and R pin receives the compared output of Actual and Reference signals. The Q pin of SR latch will decide the Width of the PWM. I want to build and implement this logic using F28379D board and MATLAB Simulink platform is used to simulink the blocks and deploying.
So, please suggest if it is possible to generate PWM in this manner? Or any alternative is there?
Thank you.

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Balavignesh 2023년 11월 10일 11:16
편집: Balavignesh 님. 2023년 11월 17일 4:38
Hi Rajanikant,
I see that you would like to generate pulse-width modulation (PWM) signals using SR Flipflop and implementing it on the TI F28379D board using MATLAB and Simulink.
While it is technically possible to generate PWM signals using an “SR flip-flop”, it may not be the most efficient or commonly-used approach for PWM generation in practical signals. The TI F28379D board itself has built-in PWM generation capabilities designed specifically for power converters.
I would suggest you to use the dedicated PWM modules available on the F28379D board and implement the control logics using Simulink blocks or custom MATLAB code that compares the reference and actual signals.
Once you have configured, designed and tested your Simulink model, you can generate code from the model and deploy it to the F28379 board. This allows the board to generate the PWM signals based on the control logic implemented in the model. By utilizing the built-in PWM capabilities of the F28379D board, you can take advantage of its dedicated hardware resources and optimize the PWM generation process for your specific application.
Kindly have a look at the following documentation links to have more information on:
Hope that helps!


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