How to get list of all optimizations requested by subsystems in HDL Coder model?

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I am getting an error when building an HDL Coder IP core model:
"Optimizations requested in the model need to introduce pipeline registers inside the subsystem. These registers need to be balanced in the parallel paths for valid generated HDL code from the model. However delay balancing is turned off for the subsystem that requires balancing registers in parallel paths."
My model consists of many subsystems and I cannot find where these optimizations are enabled. Is there a way to list optimizations by elements in model or is there a way to globally disable these?

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2022년 5월 3일
편집: Stefanie Schwarz 2022년 10월 25일
>> hdlsaveparams('<path_to_the_dut>')
>> help hdlsaveparams
% Save all HDL-related non-default parameter settings to a MATLAB
% file. Each non-default parameter setting is emitted as a hdlset_param
% call. 'DUT' is the path to the DUT subsystem for HDL code generation,
% and FILENAME refers to the MATLAB file output. This file can later be
% passed as argument to HDLRESTOREPARAMS to revert to the current model
% settings. If FILENAME is unspecified, contents are dumped to the
% standard output.
You can also use HDL checks.

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